Photos: Luxury Shopper Calls Out IK Ogbonna For Buying Fake Gifts For His Wife


Hunky Nollywood actor and model, IK Ogbonna has just been embarassed by a luxury shopper for reportedly buying fake designer items for his wife Sonia Ogbonna, 25, on her birthday.

On January 19, Sonia Ogbonna marked her birthday and her husband surprised her with several designer gifts including Christian Louboutin unclad Pumps, a Chanel Boy Bag, and 2 Chanel Tote bags all worth $10,000.

Sonia Ogbonna shared a picture of her designer gifts on her Instagram account but was quickly called out by a personal luxury shopper who said the gifts were not real.

The shopper who goes by @rodeodrng shared a picture of Sonia Ogbonna’s designer items and the supposed authentic versions.

See more photos below:

Screenshot of @ rodeodrng's picture

Sonia Ogbonna quickly deleted the picture from her Instagram