Litigants Stranded In Court



Litigants were left stranded in several courts in Accra and other regions yesterday as the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSAG) joined Organised Labour to demonstrate over the recent killer utility tariffs.

The courts remained shut as the administration of justice in the country was gravely affected.

Justice seekers were spotted stranded at the new court complex on the high street while lawyers were also leaving the courts.

The case was not different at the circuit courts in Accra as all the courts were closed to business.

The Accra Central District Magistrate Courts expected to sit on the famous Gregory Afoko alleged murder trial could not do so as the court was also shut, except a few security personnel spotted on duty.

JUSAG on Monday ordered its members to participate in the demonstration by Organised Labour.

“All members of JUSAG shall join the nationwide demonstration at their respective regions. Members are to put on our JUSAG Lacoste and red armbands… Also, all Regional Executives are to partake in meetings of Organised Labour in the respective regions.”


The statement issued by Derrick Annan, JUSAG General Secretary, however called on JUSAG security personnel at the various courts “to remain at post to ensure protection and safety of Judicial Service property.”

The workers hit the streets to demand a reduction in utility and fuel prices after several meetings with stakeholders had failed.

They have threatened to strike if their two-day demonstration does not get government to soften its stance.

Labour insists the move was insensitive on the part of the Mahama administration.

Organised Labour also wants a 50 percent increase in the salary of public sector workers, but government has refused to yield to their demands.

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By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson