I introduced RudeBwoy to the corporate world – Episode

Entertainment of Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Source: Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey

Episode 2Episode

Episode has revealed that he helped in launching Rudebwoy Ranking’s music career to the corporate world whereas Rudebwoy also grew his fan base massively in the ghettos.

Episode and Rudebwoy Ranking are two talented artists who seem to be nurturing what one will call a healthy relationship as far as music and showbiz is concerned.

Since they had their hit collaboration “Avatar”, Episode and Rudebwoy Ranking have been seen mounting several stages together.

According to Episode, through his collaboration with the “RM” boss he has been able to grow his fan base in Ghanaian ghettos where dance hall is much appreciated.

“I am also grateful that he is one of the people who built my fan base from the ghetto because we have the kind of looks that the ghetto feel like we are not part of them so with avatar Rudebwoy made me have a good fan base in the ghetto so yeah it’s pure love.”

He also stated that he gave Rudebwoy the leverage to launch career to the corporate world and this was made possible through their collaboration.

“I am happy that I was able to bring Rudebwoy from just a street artist to a corporate kind of artist because his first corporate show he played was with me and ever since we have been able to work on many stages.”

Episode further explained that his style of dancehall is more appealing to the corporate world whiles Rudebwoy Ranking appeals more to the Ghetto, so their collaboration really helped grow their fan base.

when he was asked whether they are both planning to come together as a group, he answered no but rather there will be future collaborations between them.

“I am one of the artist who loves to always discover and work with new artists so after we did Avatar i believe that it took the world by storm and we have more songs coming up, he has a song on my album but there is nothing like a group no no no.” He said this in an interview with him.