Abra Appiah fingers clubs for ref influence

Soccer News of Thursday, 21 January 2016

Source: Tv3network.com

Abra AppiahWelbeck Abra Appiah

Former Professional League Board boss, Welbeck Abra Appiah, has suggested to TV3 Sports in an exclusive interview that clubs try to influence referees in the Ghana Premier League.

Appiah oversaw the running of the Ghana league for ten years before stepping down this year and says while the standard of refereeing has been good, it has it has suffered unduly from clubs attempting to influence decisions.

He said, “When it comes to competitions where there is the need for at the end of it to have relegation and promotion, it is there that our old clubs, the competitors themselves are found wanting, It is up to the clubs and the competitors to refrain from these things”.

“The referees we have are quite perfect in all standards and they will do their very best to help the game to grow but where they are influenced by the competitors and the clubs who do you blame?”