'Rising artistes will be discouraged if I don’t win any award’

Music of Monday, 18 January 2016

Source: Hitz FM

Kofi Kinaata DopeKofi Kinaata

Musician Kofi Kinaata says organizers of the Ghana Music Awards will not be fair to upcoming artistes if his songs, ‘Susuka’ and ‘Crusade’ do not win any award at this year’s awards.

He said, now that ‘Susuka’ has become popular and “looking at the work I put into it, if it doesn’t get any award, upcoming artiste will be discouraged and not do good songs.”

The Fanti rapper said this while premiering his new soft tempo romantic single ‘Sweetie Pie’ on Hitz FM’s ‘Showbiz Filla’ with Amanda Jissih.

Another musician, Donzy, who was in the studio with Kofi to premiere his new single, also reiterated Kofi’s comments.

He said “if songs like ‘Crusade’ and ‘Susuka’ do not get any nominations, it will discourage young and upcoming artistes who are looking up to the likes of Sarkodie and EL. They won’t put in extra effort to do good song; they’ll just do any party songs which will not help their career.”

On what inspired ‘Susuka’, Donzy said, he and Kofi Kinaata were at Kinaata’s girlfriend’s birthday party at Labadi Beach when he got the idea for the song.

“I started with the ladies and gentlemen, and Kinaata said something so then we were like we have to hit the studio.”

Donzy revealed that it was very challenging recording ‘Susuka’. “I had to just be in the house and think about this very deeply. It wasn’t just like the normal featuring or the collaboration where one person goes to the studio, records a verse and the other will just come and record. There were certain words Kinaata would want me to say in the song so he can say something about it.”

He added that sometimes, the lights go off just 15 minutes into the recording and they didn’t have money to fuel a generator.

He rubbished rumours of a beef between Kofi Kinaata and Tee Flow. “I have so many responsibilities and I don’t have time for these things,” he said. Kofi, who says he used to play football and was not certain if he was going to do music, also revealed that he didn’t know ‘Susuka’ would become so popular.

Contrary to perceptions, the ‘Crusade’ singer also made it clear that ‘Susuka’ is a hiplife song and not a gospel song.

“We do hiplife, we are not gospel artistes. We won’t say we do gospel because of the chorus, we were just trying to be creative and we succeeded. It’s just one good song,” Kofi said.