OCCUPYGHANA Endorses Workers’ Strike


OccupyGhana, a pressure group has declared its support for organized labour’s nationwide strike action which is expected to take place this morning.

A statement issued by Ing. Nana Sarpong Agyeman-Badu, OccupyGhana Media Relations Officer, said “OccupyGhana wishes to express its support for the lawful declaration of nationwide strikes by organized labour to protest grave economic difficulties that have almost derailed plans for basic livelihoods in all homes.”

The Organized labour, led by Trades Unions Congress (TUC), is hitting the streets to express its displeasure over the economic challenges facing the country, especially with regards to the recent increases in utility tariffs.

According to the statement, “Organised labour and all well-meaning Ghanaians are fully aware that should the suffocating hiked taxes and tariffs be allowed to run past the first quarter, the government runs a heightened risk of economic rebellion due to the inability of citizens to honour tax obligations. An underground economy beckons.”

It said “Whilst it will be completely sensible to review the heartless fiscal decision, OccupyGhana reiterates its call for the government to effectively deal with corruption, whose effect dents the economy annually by almost $3bn as some estimates have suggested.”

OccupyGhana in the statement noted that “This figure is almost equal to the tax receipts anticipated from the raft of taxes imposed. Evidently, the snowballing effect of the cases of GYEEDA, SADA, Payroll fraud, Woyome’s scam judgment debt and a host of other debts have been overwhelmed by the dreadful and tongue wagging cases of inflated Airport construction costs, several inflated infrastructure deals, $98m Smartty’s deal, $1m bus branding, AMERI and Karpower deals and more.”

According to OccupyGhana, “As if these destructive economic policies are not enough, the government has sought to distract our taxed attention with the importation of two highly suspicious terrorists under the pretext of honouring international neighbourliness and compassion with America, when the latter finds it difficult to host the two individuals it claims are of “low risk” and pose no threat to recipient nations such as Ghana.”

The Group has therefore called for a REDFriday on January 22, 2016 against the hosting of the two Gitmo detainees in the country and further support for the industrial strike action.

BY Melvin Tarlue