Guys: How to properly address a woman’s questions

Entertainment of Saturday, 16 January 2016


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Good communication is the foundation for good relationships.

Some women ask direct questions, seemingly designed to unravel the core of a man, while others simply ask questions to pass time or make conversation.

Women are extremely smart in the dating world and the depth of a woman’s questions will vary, depending on her level of interest in a man or the level of her relationship with him.

Answering women’s questions is a common frustration for men. Women ask men questions for different reasons and it seems that no matter what answer we give, it doesn’t seem to satisfy them.

Men have a tendency to approach a question with a solution; however, when women ask a question, they are not necessarily seeking an answer. A woman who is aware and well-educated in the areas of emotions and relationships will know how to communicate with men in a direct manner; however, lots of women use questions to seek appreciation and assurance and to make indirect statements. Some questions they ask are designed specifically not to generate a response, while other questions require immediate answers.

Questions women ask are usually lighter and less intimidating earlier in a relationship but become more intense as a relationship matures.

Generally, women want to know things like what you do for a living and your dating history because these are two major clues to revealing the benefits you can offer her and to find out what you’re all about. Always remember that guys who brag about their jobs or money, though they may think they’re impressing a woman, are really making themselves an easy target for gold diggers and manipulative women.

Early in a relationship, whenever a woman asks you any kind of personal question (especially when it doesn’t seem to fit in the conversation) you should get a little suspicious about it. You can definitely tell her some of what she wants to know, but remember–some questions women ask are designed to make a man fail, so always phrase your answers and reply accordingly or throw a question back at her to actually elicit more information from her.

If she complains that you’re being difficult, just laugh at her. Remember–being a challenge to women, keeps them interested and by learning to keep mystery in your dating, you’ll create a challenge for them and really engage their mind’s and emotions.

When answering your woman’s questions, pay attention to her emotional state and her non-verbal cues like body language, voice tone, etc.

Pay attention to her reactions to your words, learn to suppress your urge to throw a direct answer back at her and learn to just be sensitive to what she’s saying and not saying.

If you pay enough attention to her and raise your awareness about what’s going on in the conversation, all of her non-verbal messages and signs will start making sense to you. In other words–read between the lines and listen for the REAL question.