Billionaire, Musa Danjuma’s Supposed Mistress, Jyoti Matharoo Gets Into Fight On Instagram

It seems like these sisters are always the talk of Lagos whenever sugar daddies and runs girls are involved.

Jyoti Matharoo, who is the alleged mistress of Musa Danjuma just got involved in an epic fight on Instagram today (January 18).

Social media mavin Bizzle Osikoya shared a picture on his Instagram page today which said “I’m see a lot of imported girls posting first class flights and Lagos pictures. Una still get market?

A random user commented and mentioned Jyoti Matharoo and her sister Kiran as ‘runs girls’ who are taking clients away from Lagos runs girls.

Jyoti saw the mention and decided to reply. Soon enough the back and forth was quick with several shots taken.

You can take a look at the lengthy exchange below: –

Bizzle Osikoya had to delete the post after he got 40 missed calls on his phone.

Last year Jyoti Matharoo got into an Instagram fight with Musa Danjuma’s wife, actress Caroline Danjuma.