Abra-Appiah thank Nyantakyi for letting him serve Ghana

Sports News of Monday, 18 January 2016

Source: sportscrusader.com

Kwesi Nyantakyi GNPC Shirt.jpegFormer Ghana Premier League Board Chairman, Welbeck Abra-Appiah

Former Ghana Premier League Board Chairman, Welbeck Abra-Appiah has thanked Ghana football association president Kwesi Nyantakyi for giving him the opportunity to serve mother GhanKe

Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi gave Abra-Appiah the mandate to lead the Premier League Board, and he appreciates the honour done to him.

“…I will not forget the president of Ghana FA Kwesi Nyantakyi. I don’t know what the man saw in me to have made me stay for 10 years as the chairman of the PLB,” Abra-Appiah told TV3 Ghana.

“To Akwesi, I say thank you for permitting me to serve mother Ghana. There are many others I want to thank.

Abra-Appiah said he made very good friends that had it not been for football, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet them.

“I have met very wonderful people on my line of duty but for football, I wouldn’t have known such people.”

Mr. Welbeck Abra-Appiah was appointed the chairman of the Premier League Board in 2005 after initially serving as a member of the FA decision-making body.

He was part of the Ghana League Clubs Association board which was inaugurated in 1993 by then sports minister E.T Mensah at the Plush Novotel on June 15.

On that board, Mr Welbeck Abra-Appiah was made first vice chairman of the body led by Maj (RtD) Yaw Larson. He held that position for about twelve years before Kwesi Nyantakyi named him Chairman of the Ghana Premier League Board.