‘I’m A Seer, I See Visions’


Controversial reggae musician and radio presenter Blakk Rasta says he has started seeing visions and has even given some alarming prophecies of events that will happen in Ghana soon.

“There would to be two plane crashes: one is going to happen in Accra that no one will die but the other one to occur in Kumasi will leave a lot losing their lives but all we have to do is to pray against it…We are also going to have a big shock in Parliament this year if we don’t pray. A parliamentarian may lose his life.

“My life has become more spiritual. There are so many prophecies I could have given you, let’s hold it down but finally there is going to be terrible flood in Venezuela this year. If the God that I serve is a lying God then call me a liar,” Blakk Rasta noted in an interview he granted Care TV.

He continued: “Since I resigned from Hitz FM, I sleep and wake up seeing visions. The first time I saw a plane crash in Ghana, I visited some prophets to corroborate the revelation I saw and two weeks after, there was a plane crash in Tamale.”

Blakk Rasta was the biggest radio presenter on Hitz FM until he was sacked from the station when he got involved in a controversy with Members of Ghana’s Parliament over comments he made that some of them either smoked or used marijuana.