Faisal will not yield to any pressure – Grunzah

Sports News of Monday, 18 January 2016

Source: Graphic.com.gh

Alhaj GruzzAlhaji Karim Gruzah

Alhaji Karim Gruzah, chairman of King Faisal, has renewed his threat to exhaust all the legal processes available to seek justice as he heads to court with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) on February 1 to press home his grievances.

Gruzah told Graphic Sports yesterday he would be praying the court to ensure the GFA would uphold its position to reinstate King Faisal in the Premier League should they come out as victors of their case against the GFA.

King Faisal dragged the football governing body to court two seasons ago after what they claimed was unjustifiable relegation from top flight football in the country.

Faisal were asking the FA to apply its rules after they claimed Aduana Stars failed to pay a fine imposed on them by the Disciplinary Committee of the FA within 14 days. Consequently, King Faisal petitioned the FA to dock six points from Aduana Stars’ accumulated points, as prescribed by the rules governing the game.

But the Appeals Committee of the FA turned down the request on the grounds that Aduana Stars filed a stay of execution when the fine was imposed, although they later paid the GH¢5000 fine.

That interpretation did not sit well with Gruzah, who went to court to seek redress. Subsequently, the court adjourned the case to February 1, after a series of hearing.

However, the owner of the Kumasi-based club told the Graphic Sports he was going to exhaust every legal option available should he lose the case.

“We will go to the Appeals court if we lose this case and if that does not go in our favour we will pursue it to the Supreme Court,” Alhaji Grusah insisted but expressed his conviction of coming out victorious in this case.

“All I want is for the FA to honour its pledge to me when I win the case,” he noted and said he did not care how the FA would do it but once he was declared the winner all he wanted was to see King Faisal reinstated in the premiership.

Faisal is now in the Division One League and finished eighth with 37 points in Zone 2 of the 16-club competition.