Watch Video Of Round 3: Haruna Iddrisu Vrs Manasseh

Haruna and Manasseh

Haruna and Manasseh gear up for the round; Dzifa turns away support staff whilst Evans readies for action

Twice he run away, or so it seemed, from the probing questions of Joy FM’s investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni.

He is not a man to run, not from Manasseh he suggested when he came into the studios of Joy FM, uninvited, with a support staff, all fired up for round three of GYEEDA or rather YEA issues on the newsnight programme hosted by Evans Mensah and Dzifa Bampoh.

The first round was on ‘homesoil’ in the minister’s office when he truncated the interview claiming it was getting “murky.”

The second round was on the phone which ended pretty much like the first with the Minister truncating the interview with the reason that there was a security issue to do with nurses picketing and which he had to deal with.

Even though he had promised to return to the studio on Tuesday to respond to the issues being raised by Manasseh, perhaps the discussion of the same issue on Top Story  convinced the Minister to make an early entry into Joy FM.

“You don’t frighten the mother of twins with a big manhood’ Haruna Iddrisu chanted the famous Dagomba proverb before entering into the studios.


He had three of his support staff firmly behind him who also entered into the studio as though they were cheer leaders ready to prop up a boxing contender for a WBC heavy weight title.

It was not boxing bout. It was only a contest of wits, ideas, facts and figures in which neither Haruna Iddrisu nor Manasseh was deficient in.

Quickly but politely Dzifa Bampoh had to escort two of Mr Iddrisu’s supporting staff from the studio. One was left in there at least,  leaving Haruna Iddrisu, and Manasseh Azure Awuni to jab away the facts and figures behind the new allegations on youth employment agency.

Evans Mensah was the referee on the night.

Watch the video

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