Islamic Scholars Say No

Sheikh Awal  Larry

Sheikh Awal  Larry

Two Islamic scholars have expressed worry at recent developments on the front of their faith.

One of them Sheikh Larry Awal took issues with the hosting of the two former Gitmo inmates in the country.

On that score, he said he agrees with the Christian Council of Ghana on its position that the two should not be in the country.

He said that the Arab culture should not associated with Islam as it is often done in this part of the world.

He asked those who seek to politicize Islam to desist from the act, adding that Christians and Muslims have lived harmoniously for many years and nothing should be done to change the status quo.

Taking issues with the two former inmates, he said their presence in Ghana is exposing the country to danger and so the authorities should reconsider their positions.

“We do not want to be targets of Arabs,” he said and added that those who speak for Muslims must be mindful of the fact that their positions are not shared by others.

“Let such persons consult with a broad spectrum of the Muslim population before remarks which appear to be representative of all of us. Not all of us share their positions,” he said.


Our authorities should know that terrorists have networks, he said “and so those who ignore this fact and underrate the importance of those they host in the country must be courting fire.”

He recalled the recent recruitment of some Ghanaian youth into ISIS and said this should be warning signal to those who want the two former Gitmo inmates to stay here.

Another Islamic scholar Mustapha Hameed, who is also senior lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, said that it is important to distinguish between Islam and what Muslims do and Christianity and what Christians do.

He recalled the terrorist activities of Joseph Koinyan and his Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and posed the question, “Should this be equated with Christianity to the extent that those engaged in the criminal activities are resettled here after an amnesty simply because they are Christians?”

He criticized Al Qaeda elements and Islamic perverts, who should not be associated with the faith simply because they see themselves as such.

“These persons do not attack only non-Muslims but for them even Muslims who do not subscribe to their religious ideologies must be killed. Many Muslims have been killed at the hands of these elements,” he said.

Continuing he said, “These elements will consider me as an infidel because I do not believe in their ideologies. I do not subscribe to their ideologies.”

Touching on Sheikh Armeyaw Shuaib’s call yesterday, he said “it has been negated by the ideology of the two former Gitmo inmates, so let us take their religion out and deal with them as terrorists.”

“To treat on compassionate grounds?” he asked rhetorically and continued “Let us consider them as human beings because doing so on religious grounds only confuses the subject.”

By A.R. Gomda