Dad ‘Repeatedly Bit His Baby Son To Stop Him Becoming Gay’


A FATHER has been accused of biting his baby son repeatedly – to stop him “becoming gay”.

Social workers are investigating claims the man sank his teeth into the child in a bid to toughen him up.

His alleged actions came to light when the boy’s mother spotted the injuries and raised the alarm at their home in Bogota, Columbia.

When she confronted her partner about the wounds, he laughed and told her he’d bitten their boy to “make him more of a man”.

She claims the dad wanted the child to toughen up, and believed biting him and causing him pain would stop him becoming gay, saying: “He was laughing and teasing.

“He said that the boy had to be a man, that he couldn’t turn into a gay.”


After he bit the child again in her presence, she complained to police – who incredibly refused to take action against the man.

Instead, they reportedly informed social workers, who are now considering removing the boy from the family home.

The mum has now complained to local media about the police, insisting they should have taken the issue seriously and pressed charges against the man.

She is incensed that she faces the risk of losing her baby – even though she was the one who reported her partner’s shocking actions in the first place.

She said: “I went to the police station, where I was passed from one officer to another and nobody wanted to deal with it, and suggested it had been a cat.”