PNC member sues party; calls for Mornah’s imprisonment

A defeated National Chairman aspirant of the People’s National Convention, (PNC) David Apasara and two others have filed a suit at the High Court calling for the imprisonment of some former and national officers.

David Apasara wants former National Chairman Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan and former General Secretary Bernard Monah punished by the court for going ahead with the party’s congress when the matter is in court.

David Apasara wants the congress annulled and fresh elections held.

He is seeking the following reliefs:

  • That the first respondent, being a serious political party in Ghana, its conduct herein complained of has gained a lot of public interest and the public itself is interested in whether or not such willful and wanton lawlessness will be seriously addressed by the court in order to restore confidence to the judiciary at this time of the history of the judiciary
  • That the persons of the respondents of in this case, particularly the second and third respondents, must be committed to prison for their contempt of court in addition to a further order setting aside the National Delegates Congress held between 11th to 13th December 2015 as null and void.

Mr. Apasara had earlier applied for an interlocutory injunction to stop the PNC from holding its congress in 2015.

The aspirant in his suit requested that Mr. Bernard Mornah, who was eventually elected the National Chairman, be disqualified because he presented a dud cheque to the party while filing his nomination.

David Apasara argued that Mornah’s action breached the PNC’s constitution.

But the PNC defied the court action and held the congress despite receiving the summons six days before the congress.

By:Marian Ansah/