Ex-Gitmo prisoners pose ‘small risk’ to Ghana’s security – US Official

Guantanamo Bay

The Head of the Public Affairs section of the United States Embassy in Ghana has claimed that the two ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoners currently hosted in the country pose a ‘small risk’ to Ghana’s security.

Daniel Fennell in an exclusive interview on Adom FM’s Morning Show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’ on Monday said the ex-detainees pose a ‘small risk’ largely due to the numerous screening undertaken by the Government of the United States on the ex-detainees before transferring them to Ghana.

“There is no guarantee in the world of anyone’s behavior in any country but we have taken all the necessary precautions and we can guarantee that the risk is very very small…,” he said.

Since the Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that Ghana has accepted to host two ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoners in the country, intense pressure has been put on the government to send them back.

Daniel Fennell, Head of Public Affairs Section of United States Embassy

Daniel Fennell, Head of Public Affairs Section of United States Embassy

Security experts and other social commentators have claimed that the two Yemeni nationals detained for years in the Guantanamo Bay prison pose a huge security risk to the country.

They have argued that these are terrorists with networks who can harm the peaceful Ghanaian society hence the call for their immediate repatriation from the country.


Some have asked why the United States with all its sophisticated security systems did not accept to host them if indeed they pose little or no security threat to society.

The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has joined these calls and has insisted that the Government of Ghana immediately repatriate them to Yemen.

The government must “consider immediate revision of the decision and relocate the inmates outside the country,” the CCG said in a statement.

But Daniel Fennell in the interview sought to allay any fears, fear claiming that the US Government has concluded ‘they do not pose security threat to the society’ after intense scrutiny.

He has therefore called on the government and the people of Ghana to integrate the ex-detainees into Ghana’s society.

According to him, the US Government would provide information and support to the Ghana government in the course of the two year period the two Yemenis would be in Ghana.

Source: Adomonline