Brave Taxi Driver Grabs Car, House

taxi driver

The heroic action of a taxi driver, which led to the arrest of two suspected armed robbers who attempted to bolt with their booty after shooting a staff of Koala Supermarket, has attracted a presidential goodwill.

Information circulating in the grapevine has indicated that President Mahama would soon hand over the keys to a fully furnished house to the taxi driver.

Koala has also offered to replace the taxi used in stalling the movement of the robbers with a new one for the cabbie’s brave act.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’ programme on Monday, the taxi driver indicated that he had been approached by the Accra regional police commander “who said the IGP would call me so that we meet the president for us to decide on what to do.”

The unnamed taxi driver last Saturday knocked down two armed robbers who attempted to run away after shooting a staff of Koala Supermarket.

The two suspected robbers, Abaliku Sannie, 35 and Oko Quaicoo, 30, shot an administrative assistant who had left the Cantonments branch of Koala.

The taxi driver, who witnessed the incident, stopped the fleeing robbers by ramming his taxi into the motorbike they were using to escape.

Speaking about his heroic act of bravery, the taxi driver said he was moved to hit the motorbike of the robbers after he saw them shoot the unarmed lady. He said he purposed in his heart to ‘kill the robbers’.

“That was when I decided that I would kill these robbers… As they approached me, I drove towards them. They tried to divert but I also drove towards them and hit them. They then fell into the gutter… They were lucky they had fractured legs…,” he said.

The taxi driver, who charged the robbers to thank God for their lives, said he dodged a shot fired at him by one of them when he attempted to pounce on them.


“After noticing they were not dead, I tried to rush on them…but one was quick to pick up his pistol that fell and shot at me. I dodged, he tried to fire again but the bullets were finished…,” he narrated.

According to him, he called on bystanders to rush on the injured robbers after noticing the bullets were finished.

“However, PRO of the Police CID, ASP Darkwa, who came to the scene advised the crowd not to lynch them as, according to him, they could help with vital information…,” he added.

The taxi driver disclosed that the taxi does not belong to him. It is a ‘work and pay’ arrangement which requires that he makes daily sales to the owner for some years before he can eventually own the vehicle. The engine area of the taxi was badly damaged, he said.

“Everybody is praising me but it is not me, it is by God. The heart needed to do this was given by God.”

Concerning the protection of his identity, the taxi driver said he could not really tell if persons that gathered at the scene took pictures of him.

Administrative manager Belinda Bekoe announced on Joy FM’s ‘Super Morning Show’ on Monday that the taxi driver would be getting a brand new taxi from the company.

It is “for being a national hero and a special hero with the Koala family,” Belinda said.

Public eulogies continued to pour on the taxi driver for his act of bravery and selflessness.