Arthur Simpson-Kent Documents Stash In A Secret Hideout


These are the documents police in Ghana found of murder suspect Arthur Simpson-Kent, who is alleged to have killed his ex-EastEnders actress girlfriend Sian Blake and their two kids.

Detectives discovered the stash in a secret hideout 200 miles from Accra, where the 48-year-old had fled to before he was captured and arrested.

The documents include his UK provisional driving licence, National Insurance card, credit card and Ghanaian passport.

He fled the UK following the deaths of his former partner, Miss Blake and their two young sons Zachary, eight, and four-year-old Amon, but was arrested on Saturday.

Simpson-Kent's passport

Discovery: Police have since found Simpson-Kent’s passport, credit card and national insurance card (pictured) in a remote hideout

Simpson-Kent's driving licence

His UK driving licence was also found hidden under a bamboo bed in a remote hideout around 200 miles from the capital Accra (pictured)

Simpson-Kent's National Insurance card

Arthur Simpson-Kent’s National Insurance card was found in his secret hideout 200 miles from the Ghanaian capital city Accra

He had been hiding in a remote area of Butre and had made a bed out of bamboo.

At his makeshift resting place where all his documents, which had remained in good condition, and five coconuts which he had consumed for food and drink.


A cashplus Gold MasterCard, which is due to expire in July this year, was among the items discovered. His passport confirmed that he was born in the Ghanaian capital.

seaside village of Butre

This photo shows the seaside village of Butre, in the country’s western region, where Simpson-Kent was apprehended by Ghanaian police

Coconut shells were found left at the makeshift campsite where Simpson-Kent was hiding before his arrest by armed police on Saturday

Hidden: His passport, UK driving licence and credit card were also found underneath a bamboo bed in the remote hideout (pictured)

The suspected killer danced and partied in a seaside resort in Ghana in the weeks leading up to his arrest, according to locals who knew him.

Residents in the resort of Busua have now told how he got to know the locals, making friends and partying with them before his arrest.

Local Idris Assoumana spoke to Simpson-Kent on the beach one day, and said that he welcomed the new year in at a plush rooftop party.

He claims that the suspect offered him all of his possessions and $500 not to report him, yet did nothing when he refused the offer and explained he would be talking to the police.

London-born cafe owner Karole Ainoo said that she thought he seemed ‘almost saintly’ when she first met him, as he claimed he wanted to produce cannabis for a sick relative.

She said he became a regular in the cafe and remembers him ‘dancing like mad’ at the New Year’s Eve party at the Rainbow Hotel in the resort as he was wanted in connection with murder.