3 Die In Ho Gory Crash

Ho Gory Crash

Residents of Ho are still in shock over a gory accident that occurred over the weekend and is reported to have claimed the lives of three persons and left several others injured.

The accident, which occurred in the afternoon of Saturday, January 8, 2016, involved a 33-seater Mercedes Benz bus with registration number GT 8320 C and two Opel taxis with registration numbers GT 9139 V and GT 1143 V.

The three, who are reported to be women, died when the Benz bus carrying choristers and church members of the Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) collided with the taxicabs in front of the Goil filling station opposite the third gate of the OLA Girls SHS.

The Benz bus which was returning from a funeral at Saviefe-Agorkpo is alleged to have had a break failure as it was descending the Galenkui hill towards the OLA traffic light. At that time, one taxi was making a U-turn while the other was coming from the opposite direction of the bus.

Eyewitnesses feared that the death toll could rise, considering the kind of injuries victims sustained.

One of them, Sena Atisu, who narrated the incident to DAILY GUIDE, said “the whole thing happened in a flash.” She said the taxi coming from the OLA traffic light direction, in an attempt to overtake the taxi making the u-turn in front of the filling station, entered the lane of the bus.

Ho Gory Crash1



The accident scenes

Ho Gory Crash2

At that point, the bus was trapped since both lanes were occupied. A truck parked on his right also made it impossible to manoeuvre. The bus then crashed into the two taxis, toppled over and fell on the pavement by the OLA third gate.

Residents rushed to the scene as some wailed and screamed with tears running down their cheeks. Personnel of the Fire Service, Ambulance Service and Police moved in to rescue survivors. The three deceased women were sent to the Volta Regional Hospital (Trafalgar) morgue.

The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Police has since begun investigations into the incident.

From Fred Duodu, Ho ([email protected])