Kenyan Hottie, Vera Sidika And American Rapper, Fetty Wap Have s*x In Las Vegas?!?


Hmm… this is some serious detective connection something, LMAO!

Famous Kenyan s*x symbol, Vera Sidika, 26 is presently in Las Vegas on vacation.

She’s obviously having fun in the gambling capital of the world, but it seems like she’s also engaged in some late night activities with US rapper Fetty Wap.

2 days ago she shared a picture of herself at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.

In the comment section Fetty Wap’s booking handle on Instagram reached out to the vixen.


Now check this.

The next day Vera Sidika shared a picture of her rocking a red Ferrari cap similar to the one Fetty Wap shared on his Instagram account.

Vera Sidika also shared another picture of her wearing the cap in a hotel room.

In the picture she strangely blurs out a few details. Why did she blur it?

Last year, Vera Sidika visited Lagos where she hosted a few parties and appeared in 5 Star Music group’s video ‘Ebeano‘.