Essien blocked by Sheep

Sports News of Saturday, 9 January 2016


Ess SheepEssien in his Mercedes Benz

A massive surprise awaited Ghana midfielder Michael Essien on Wednesday when a flock of sheep blocked his path to training with his Greek side Panathinaikos.

The midfielder, known for using his power, was powerless behind his plush Benz wheels as he hurried for training on the outskirts on the Greek capital Athens.

On the road to Koropi, the path frequented by players of Panathinaikos on their way to training, Essien was met with the unplanned surprise.

With just some few minutes before training started, the sheep crossed the path of the vehicle of the Ghanaian superstar and he had no option but to wait.

“When you rush to go to this workout and it happens,” Essien said and sent an accompanying video of the incident.

While he was waiting, his team-mate Mladen Petri? was behind him and filmed the entire funny intervention by the sheep.

The cars of the two players of Panathinaikos were immobilized until the sheep had crossed the road.