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Tel Aviv Shooting Suspect Killed In Northern Israel



Tel Aviv Shooting Suspect Killed In Northern Israel

An Israeli Arab wanted for shooting dead three people in Tel Aviv on 1 January has been killed by security forces in northern Israel.

Nashat Melhem was tracked down to a mosque in his home town of Arara and killed in a gun battle, officials said.

The attacks sparked a huge hunt and security alert across the country.

Police said Melhem, 29, was the gunman who killed two Israelis at a bar, then the Israeli driver of a taxi who picked him up after the attack.

Security camera footage showed a suspect taking an automatic rifle out of his backpack and then firing at least 15 shots at people in the street before fleeing the scene.

Alon Bakal, 26, who was a manager at the bar, and Shimon Ruimi, 30, were killed.

Police later found the body of taxi driver Amin Shaban in the north of the city.

Melhem’s father, Mohammed, identified his son as the suspect and reported him to the police. Mohammed Melhem and several relatives have been arrested in connection with the case.



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