Okwawu United football club,owes coach Sarfo Castro, months of salaries

Soccer News of Friday, 8 January 2016

Source: Yeboah, Raymond

….after he was sacked.

The coach and his lawyer have decided to take the club to court so as to correct all arrears due him.

The coach, after helping Okwawu in the Division one matches upon concrete contractual paper agreement, has every right to sue the club for any amount due him,plus breach of contract compensation amount,said the lawyer.

Okwawu, as a club have so many times betrayed the coach,they are using his soft hear ted kindness as his weakness and do kick him out anytime they get what they wants from him.The coach who is now basing in Sunyani ,has vowed with his lawyer to take them to every length to collect their money.

As a coach,Sarfo Castro has helped many clubs in Division one to an elite division so Okwawu knows his record well as a good coach hence a ploy to use him as cheap labour without pay.