Antoa Stops KMA PM Polls

Kojo Bonsu

THE KUMASI Metropolitan Assembly’s (KMA’s) election to select a Presiding Member (PM) for the assembly cannot be held on Friday, January 8, this year as planned.

The late cancellation of the much publicised election is reportedly due to fears that the dreaded ‘Antoa Nyamaa’ deity might strike some of the assemblymen dead if the polls are held.

Emmanuel Ataogye, Coordinating Director of the KMA, announced that the election would be held after the reversal of curses invoked by some members of the assembly.

The KMA PM polls had been hit with several invocations of curses by some assemblymen, on one hand, and known New Patriotic Party (NPP) members in Kumasi, on another hand, accounting for the delay.

The so-called NPP members were the first to storm the party’s regional office with eggs and schnapps as they invoked the dreaded ‘Antoa Nyamaa’ deity to strike some of the assemblymen dead.

They claimed that some of the assemblymen campaigned for their positions in the name of the NPP but had refused to vote for Kofi Senya, who is also an NPP member, in the PM polls.

Immediately after the curse invocation, some assemblymen also followed suit, storming the KMA premises with eggs and schnapps to invoke the spirit of ‘Antoa Nyamaa’ to kill some big people who suspected that they were behind the first curse.

Mr Ataogye, speaking to Don Dada of Otec FM, said Kojo Bonsu, the Kumasi Mayor, was concerned about the curses.

He said Kojo Bonsu was constantly in touch with some traditionalists in the city with regard to what they could do to reverse the curses so as to protect the lives of the assemblymen involved.

Mr Ataogye assured that a new date for the election would be announced immediately the curse issue had been amicable resolved, urging residents of the city to remain calm.

The KMA had failed on two occasions to select a PM, with the two contestants not being able to garner the required number of votes to occupy the enviable position.

It was announced during the last election, held some months ago, that fresh polls would be held in 21 days’ time but since then, the assembly has been hit with invocation of curses.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi