Nursing Student Fined GH¢1,500 For Defrauding Colleagues

Latif Saani

Latifa Saani, a second-year health assistant clinical student of the Kpembi Nurses and Midwifery School in the East Gonja district of the Northern Region, has been fined GH¢1,500.00 for defrauding her colleagues.

The money was to be paid into the consolidated fund or in default, serve two weeks’ imprisonment term with hard labour.

In addition, she was asked by the Salaga District Magistrate Court presided over by David Sebeyem, to sign a bond of good behaviour for a period of two years.

Before the judgement, the magistrate said despite the issue being a second degree felony by law, the court had the mandate to sentence, fine and discharge.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE, the Principal of the school, Hajia Shirley Issah, said the court had spoken and that the reaction of the public would determine the veracity of justice.

When asked on Latifa’s fate as a student of Kpembi NMTC, she said that the school management would meet to determine it.

It will be recalled that Latifa Saani was arrested on December 8, 2015 for defrauding her colleagues of GH¢45,327 being their school fees, of which an initial GH¢39,555 was paid and subsequently the balance of GH¢5,775 paid on Monday.

According to a journalist in the locality (name withheld) who spoke to DAILY GUIDE, the affected victims purportedly paid their school fees totalling GH¢1,600; SRC dues, GH¢30.00 and their index fees of GH¢45.00 to Latifa to be paid into the school accounts and the receipts submitted to them because of the distance between the school and the bank.

He added that the victims stated that Latifa uses a motorbike to school and does not charge them for the services she renders them and so agreed to make the payments on behalf of them.

Unfortunately for Latifa, the school authorities asked the students to submit their receipts for fees paid before allowing them into the examination hall.

The school authorities realized that the face values of the receipts presented by the victims were more than the amounts paid to the bank and so they (authorities) quickly contacted the bank and upon screening the pay-in slips, they realized they were fake.

The affected students then mentioned Latifa as the person who paid the fees on their behalf. When she was summoned she admitted giving the students fake deposit slips.

She was quickly picked up by the police and when a search was conducted on her, they found a commercial bank stamp, deposit form and inkpad..

FROM Eric Kombat, Salaga