Fake Lawyer Busted

fakelawyer - Anthony Anyomi

Anthony Anyomi in suit

A fake lawyer, Anthony Anyomi, was yesterday arrested by the police inside an Accra Circuit Court where he had gone to perform his usual duties.

The suspect, who once served time in prison for stealing a police officer’s uniform and released in 2014, was nabbed by police officers around the court premises following suspicion aroused by his conduct in court.

Anyomi, when asked by police prosecutors as to when he was called to the bar, said he was called in 2014 but could not mention any classmate of his or any lawyer he was called to the bar with.

The suspect, who maintained he was a lawyer, said he had kept his certificate to practice at the office and when asked whether he could go with the police to bring it to court, he was hesitant to do so.

He kept walking around and pleading to be let off the hook but the police prosecutors directed that he should be taken to the police headquarters where he would be charged.

A senior counsel who wants to remain anonymous told the media he came to their chambers and introduced himself as a lawyer who was called to the bar four years ago and requested for an office and was given.

The senior counsel was however emphatic that he was not a junior partner of the said chambers as he worked independently with no supervision from any of the lawyers there.

Seidu Nasigri, who acted as a lawyer for the suspect, after having a conference with him, later told the media that he had advised him to admit that he was indeed not a lawyer.

By Fidelia Achama