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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Dismissed Recruits Go To Court




The recruits, who were dismissed by the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) for rebelling against what they termed strenuous training, are planning to sue the Army.

According to sources, the recruits are heading to court to compel the GAF to reinstate them.

The Ghana Armed Forces in a statement to clarify the dismissal of the 500 recruits said the training of the recruits was terminated after they staged an unauthorized assembly and subsequently marched to their instructor’s residence to demand to be sent home.

The incident occurred after the recruits had described their training session as strenuous and maltreatment.

Human Rights Lawyer, Francis Xavier Sosu speaking on the issue said the Ghana Armed Forces opened up itself to lawsuits following the dismissal of the 500 recruits.

“It raises concern for those who were not involved or directly participated in the said insubordination but were affected by the decision. Especially in the absence of evidence to show that they were involved, some of them can go to court for an order of reinstatement”, Lawyer Sosu explained.

According to him, those who did not participate in the unauthorized assembly for which they were dismissed can legally compel the Army to recall them unless there is an evidence to prove otherwise.

The Army described the conduct of the recruits as “far reaching and inimical to the security of the state.”

By Jamilla Oketchiri



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