Airtel MD Mentors Kids

Lucy Quist

Lucy Quist with the children

Lucy Quist, Managing Director of Airtel Ghana, has challenged young people to believe in their dreams and work tirelessly to achieve them.

She gave the advice recently during a mentorship session with Junior High School (JHS) students of  the Mataheko 1 School as part of the Evolve with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiative.

Ms. Quist is championing STEM as the reigning CIMG Marketing Woman of the year to promote the study of these subjects at the basic level of education.

Lucy Quist said she pursued her dream to lead a company through hard work.

She also emphasized how her background in engineering had contributed to her success as a business leader.

Lucy Quist stated that “STEM is that unique area of learning that cuts across everything that we do, it encourages curiosity, perseverance and ultimately the ability to solve problems and these are the qualities every young person needs to succeed no matter what career path they choose.


STEM empowers and shapes the mind and is the best way to groom young people to be problem solvers.”


She continued, “The African child needs more exposure to STEM, especially in their formative years. They also need the help of people in these fields to serve as examples and to help them realise that actually these subjects are not difficult and uninteresting. That is the purpose of Evolve with STEM – to change mindsets, to inspire and empower our young people to pursue STEM.”

She also indicated her company’s continuous support for education and how Evolve with STEM fits perfectly with Airtel Ghana’s corporate social responsibility strategy.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri