‘So what if I’m NDC and happens to be Ewe?’

Entertainment of Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Source: abrantepa.com

Leila Djansi WhatLeila Djansi , Movie producer and director

It looks like movie producer cum director, Leila Djansi is unhappy about how some online news portals caption stories related to her.

Leila, after expressing regrets for campaigning for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Tuesday following what she describes as gross incompetence on the part of the government, took to her Facebook timeline again to address issues of tribal politics.

She could not fathom why some people would associate her to NDC just because she is an Ewe and warned that such person’s reason before using her name in headlines.

Here is her unedited post:

If given the choice between being a goat, and being an Ewe (a Voltarian from Ghana), I bet most will choose to be goats. Cos being an Ewe is a job, a task. Oops. I forgot. We are the dregs. The ones who are not even Ghanaian. Wanderers. Not fit to be Ghanaian.

So, because Leila Djansi once campaigned for NDC, it automatically means she did that cos she is an Ewe and NDC was formed by an Ewe man. How do people come up with such crap? So bloody what if I’m NDC and happen to be Ewe? Is it a crime?

Here’s the kicker. Y’all run around with Ashanti names, blasting NDC… and yet, you blast me for being NDC and Ewe sooooooooo that obviously means you are also Ashanti and NPP. But since you believe you are intellectually above us all, it’s ok for you to have political tribal affiliations.

That moment when he who thinks he’s wise discovers he’s actually very dumb!

Reason before you talk or write or use my name in headlines!

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