Shake Up In Military Soon



While political appointees are sitting on tenterhooks not knowing whether they would be affected by a likely reshuffling of portfolios, Service Commanders too could be facing a similar fate.

DAILY GUIDE has picked snippets of information about the retirement of some Generals, including Service Commanders, action which would necessitate the making of fresh appointments.

Prominent among such appointments is the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Southern Command of the Ghana Army, Brig Gen Sampson Kudjo Adeti, who is tipped to become the next Chief of Army Staff, otherwise referred to as Army Commander.

In August 2015 when a demolition exercise at Kasoa led to the gunning down of a resident opposing the action by a soldier, one of many without name tags aggrieved persons alleged that the military men engaged in the operation originated from his Command, although tangible evidence is yet to be adduced to that effect.

His appointment would mean the elevation of the current COAS Maj Gen Richard Kwame Opoku-Adusei to another level or retiring him from the Colours.

Security analysts are doubtful whether Brig Adeti would make it to that appointment given the ethnic balance which though not a formal demand is a factor when such movements are being considered by the Commander-In-Chief.

The President must be having a tough time taking the decision in the Army, especially since Brig Adeti hails from the Volta Region sharing the same political division as the Acting Inspector General of Police John Kudalor.

Making such an appointment, regardless of the unconventionality entailed thereinm could prompt questions about the imbalance.

Regarding the position of the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS), the Commander-In-Chief is likely going to opt for a replacement, a prerogative the Constitution bestows upon him.

In Nigeria where the quota system of appointments into the public service, the military and the Police, including promotions prevails, such decisions are clear cut and unambiguous, deviation from which is a breach of the constitution of the federation.

The quota system was adopted to address the diversity challenge faced by Africa’s most populous country following the secessionist war of Biafra.

By A.R. Gomda