PNC Deflates New Party Moves

atik mohammed

Atik Mohammed

Some persons the People’s National Convention (PNC) leadership describes as renegade members are going round the constituencies asking executives in such areas to endorse forms meant for the formation of a new political party.

The lid was blown over the development by Atik Mohammed, the general secretary of the party, in a statement issued yesterday. The party scribe added that “leadership therefore by this release wishes to inform all members of the party that such visits should not be countenanced nor tolerated. Indeed, those individuals making these moves must be resisted.”

Any member who signs such forms, he cautioned, forfeits his membership of the party, mentioning that “those who were hoodwinked or lied to that such an exercise was with the party’s sanction must as a matter of urgency write or cause to be written a disclaimer to the Electoral Commission in the person’s district.”

As for those undertaking this fraudulent exercise, the party warns further “should stop harassing our members and look for their own people to found whatever entity they have set out to form. Ghana is a free country and everybody is entitled to form any association or group of his choosing, but that does not entitle anyone to predate on members of our party.”

The party has reassured its membership to make the People’s National Convention a more formidable and electable alternative, adding, “We want to urge the rank and file of our great party not to be distracted in any way by this ignominious move, but apply themselves fully to the task ahead. This task seeks to offer Ghanaians as the presidential candidate has mentioned; New Beginnings, New Deal, New Force.”

The party commended those who have already rejected the overtures of those who are enticing them to join them in the new party they seek to form, describing it as an already failed mission.

The newly-elected flagbearer of the party, Dr Edward Mahama and the national executive, the scribe said, would soon embark on a nationwide thank you tour to set the stage for next year’s campaign.