Pay New Taxes or Shut Up – NDC MP

General News of Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Source: Amansan Radio

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and NDC MP for Ketu North, James Klutse Avedzi, has lashed out at Ghanaians to pay taxes imposed by Government or stop requesting for projects.

A livid Avedzi speaking to Amansan FM descended heavily on persons criticizing the Government for excessive taxation describing them as ‘unpatriotic’ and people who want to eat their cake and have it.

He also rejected calls that if Government had properly managed funds entrusted into their care by checking corruption there would have been no need for the introduction of new taxes.

‘Ghanaians like to be pampered. We give them everything but they don’t want to pay for anything.Money does not fall from heaven, it is the taxes citizens pay countries use for development, wages, welfare programs etc. And so if Ghanaians don’t want to pay taxes anymore, then it means they shouldn’t expect any development or programs for that matter. It is time we get bold and tell Ghanaians as it should be. The unnecessary complains are enough.’ He lashed out.

Justifying the imposition of taxes on fuel, Mr Avedzi stated that those who were not ready to pay it should pack their cars as is done in the UK and other places.

‘In UK, not everyone has a car. Many use public transport. Even if we charge 30% on fuel and you can’t pay just park your car.Once you want to use your private car, then you have to pay’, he said.

The Government has introduced a 28% increment in fuel prices following a review of the tax components on the products despite falling crude prices on the world market. This coupled with higher increases in electricity and water tariffs and other new taxes have led to widespread condemnation by sections of the Ghanaian society.