Dagbon Youth Seek Peace

Regent of Dagbon

The Dagbon Students Association (DASA) has chastised their leaders for the manner in which the Dagbon situation has been managed.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE, the president of Dagbon Students Association, Jagbo Baako said ‘we feel sad about the way the affairs of Dagbon have been managed which looks like the several appeals to our Chiefs, Traditional authorities and opinion leaders continue to fall on deaf ears even though they always express their willingness to see to the resolution of the crisis’.

He indicated that they are reminding the leaders that ascending the Dagbon throne is not a business venture.

His Majesty Kampakuyana-Na Yakubu Andani Abdulai, the regent of Dagbon and acting president, Dagbon Traditional Council, cancelled the celebration of this year’s Damba Festival within Yendi Township due to the difficult circumstances prevailing there.

Mr. Issah Mahmud, lawyer of the Regent of Dagbon indicated that the Damba festival cannot be celebrated when the very foundation of the customs and traditions are being destroyed on the basis of the convenience and peace, irrespective of its far reaching repercussions on the Dagbon Kingdom.

Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC) served the Abudu Royal Gate a letter not to celebrate the Damba Festival after receiving a hint that they were making preparations towards the celebration.

According to the president of the Dagbon Students Association, they support the performance of all the funerals and the subsequent installation of a new Yaa-Naa but are aware that the solution to the crisis lies in the hands of the traditional authorities; government should therefore hold both sides to all agreements reached during negotiations to ensure there is lasting peace in Dagbon.

He added that “whilst our colleagues in other areas are crying to government for development projects, jobs, scholarships to better their lives, we are at this era crying for performance of funerals”.

“It is even shameful that most of our politicians are accountable to only the chiefs, by showing their commitment and loyalty to the faction they(chiefs) belong to.”

“We wish to implore our leaders to consider the collective interest of the Kingdom, such as the retrogressive situations, the mass unemployment, the mass failure among their grandsons and daughters at schools and the rising crime rate.”

“The politicians who use the Dagbon crisis for their political motives, ‘we are cautioning them to desist from it, if they cannot help the process, they should stay away.”

The police and military have sent personnel to Yendi to beef up security in the township.

FROM Eric Kombat, Tamale