Regina Van-Helvert to write a book about Yvonne Nelson

Entertainment of Sunday, 3 January 2016


Yvonne Nelson NiceYvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson seems to have helped and inspired someone, who is willing to go as far as writing a book about her. This person is none other than Gh One TV and Live FM radio presenter Regina Van-Helvert, who subtly announced her move, praising the actress up on IG, as she posted the artwork pictured above.

In Regina’s own words..

“God brings people into our lives for various reasons. Each time you pray and ask for something he doesn’t throw it down to u but he uses a fellow human being to bless u I call them earthly angels and @yvonnenelsongh is a typical example of an earthly angel… I met u a few months ago and u have been nothing but a blessing to my life and even the life of my family. You have advised and encouraged me, you have been an inspiration, u have been a shoulder I cry on, u have stretched out your hands to help me in so many ways I could go and on but let me just save the rest for the book I am writing for u- thank u for being there for me. God bless u and bless the woman that gave birth to u. Love u boobalous baenables… @yvonnenelsongh”