Radio Stations in Ghana Should Stop Promoting Primitivity

Entertainment of Sunday, 3 January 2016

Source: Justice Sarpong

There is an audio tape trending on Whatsapp about a case in London, England where one lady called Charity has taken ten thousand pounds from another Ghanaian named Twumasi to help him regularize his stay in that country for the past four years but has failed to do so and refused to return the said amount to him.

The said Twumasi in his frustration to retrieve the said amount has admitted putting a curse on the lady through an occult in Cape Coast that has resulted in the woman becoming sick and sent home back to Ghana. Charity is said to have threatened to get Twumasi deported to Ghana if he doesn’t stop calling her for his money.

Folks, what this Charity did is very wrong and a lot of people have testified through comments on the Nhyira FM radio program how callous and disrespectful this woman is and deserve what has happened to her. I don’t know this Charity and have little emphaty for her taking money from somebody without fulfilling the purpose for which the said money was taken.I am rather appalled by Twumasi’s eudemonic euphoria about Charity’s health condition and his gratulation to see the death of this woman. Twumasi has every right to be angry and that is his prerogative.

My problem is rather with Radio stations in Ghana which perpetuate the myth and clishmaclaver that there are some stones, trees and waters somewhere that have spiritual powers to cause the death of people who are cursed by invoking the names of these useless inanimate objects.

There is a program on Nhyira FM hosted by a lady I respect dearly for her philanthropic issues and her personal financial and social contributions to the less fortunate in society especially those in Ashanti Region for her charity works and wish she will ablactate herself from this belief that ANTOA NSUO NYAMAA and other Occults have power to cause sickness and death of others through their spiritual powers. Sorry, these useless occults are being used by their Priests and other attendants to defraud less sophiscated people in society.

Can you become sick that can lead to death if somebody invokes the name of any occult you believe in? My answer is a big YES but it is not because these OCCULTS have any spiritual powers but you becoming sick or dying is due to psychology. You are programmed to believe that these useless and fraudulent things can cause your death if you are cursed so any time their names are invoked by curses, you become emotionally stressed out due to FEAR that will cause your blood pressure to go up and blood pressure can cause a lot diseases. I will leave this subject for the Medical Professionals who are better trained to expatiate on through their comments.

I have been listening to Radio stations in Ghana for the past two years and think most of their programs are educative and serving the people of Ghana well but there are few of them that promote primitivity by allowing the Mallams and Fetish Priests to advertise fraudulent products. Some of these FRAUDS even promise to give you winning lotto numbers, seriously? Ghanaians always believe that if they are not achieving something they intend to accomplish, then it is because of a witch, usually the old lady in their house without examining what they are doing wrong that has mitigated their success. We don’t have to reposed in these rejectamentas the powers they don’t have to help us achieve our dreams with their bunkums.

Now this Twumasi guy, though I sympathize with him for losing such a hefty amount of money to this fraudster Charity, he should not be exhibiting this joy, basking in the limelight and threatening the family of Charity that if she dies, anybody from the family that buries her will also die if they don’t pay his money first, Oh!! please, cut that crap out. You have every right to demand your money but stop threatening people.

I don’t know how Charity ended up in Ghana but her family should seek medical attention from the hospital and prayers. Her life is not in the hands of Twumasi and his Cape Coast occult, if Charity has idiopathic disease, there is little hope for her but that should be left to medical doctors to decide and not a dirty occult in a bush somewhere in Cape Coast.

I listened to this program and there were a lot of people trying to get in contact with Mr Twumasi to tell them the occult he used in ‘inflicting’ the said disease on Charity so that they too can get in contact. Little minds, save your money, if Twumasi have this so called powerful occult in his corner how come he did not seek the help from it to get him his residency permit?

Justice Sarpong