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PHOTOS: Top 9 crazy footballer haircuts of 2015



As we say goodbye to 2015 and get ready to welcome in the new year, we have taken the unusual step of taking a look back at the most standout haircuts of the past 12 months.

Footballers are well known for their rather extravagant and flashy hairstyles, but in 2015 we may have seen some of the most bizarre haircuts in football history.

Whilst the list has not been ranked in any specific order, see if you can make up your mind as to who’s hairdo stands out as being the very best or worst.

1 ) Raheem Sterling
Man City starlet Raheem Sterling surprised us all during the latter stages of 2015, when the England international decided to sport the ‘mop’ during Man City’s recent game against Leicester.

It seems that the former Liverpool starlet wanted to pay homage to his hero Whoopi Goldberg.

Top 9 footballer haircuts of 2015 [Pictures]

2 ) Andres Iniesta
Barcelona talisman Andres Iniesta surprised us all when he revealed his brand new haircut during Barca’s recent Club World Cup triumph in December. The Spaniard is not known for his crazy hairstyles, or for having much hair at all, so his new style certainly caused a shock for some.

A touch of Mr. T about this one.

Top 9 footballer haircuts of 2015 [Pictures]

3) Paul Pogba
Juventus midfielder’s highly crafted, musical-themed etching on his scalp certainly had people talking in November.

The French starlet turned his head into a music sheet, complete with blonde and black musical notes in one of the most ‘creative’ of footballer haircuts in recent memory.

4) Samir Nasri
Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri was the talk of the football world for his hair do in October, for all the wrong reasons.

The French midfielder opted to dye his hair grey, in a move which still sees him ridiculed by almost everyone he meets.

After getting the haircut, Nasri claimed he didn’t care what people think.

Judging by peoples reactions, that is probably a good thing.

Top 9 footballer haircuts of 2015 [Pictures]

5) Dani Alves
Barcelona’s Dani Alves has to take the award for the worst haircut of 2015.

The Brazilian ace was the butt of all jokes after his rather bizarre haircut in May, and it will certainly take some beating to find a worse hairstyle than this.

Top 9 footballer haircuts of 2015 [Pictures]

6 ) Andy Carroll
For some reason West Ham striker Andy Carroll just does not suit his new haircut.

The England forward recently sported his new look against Southampton on Monday, and may be immediately regretting his decision, judging by the reaction from the football world.

Trying to channel his ‘inner Beckham’ perhaps.

Top 9 footballer haircuts of 2015 [Pictures]

7) Fernando
2015 saw one of world football’s most famous and appalling haircuts come back to life in Turkey.

In January Fernandao, Bursaspor’s 27-year-old Brazilian born striker, sported Ronaldo’s famed hairdo from the 2002 World Cup.

Enough said really.
8 ) Ratinho
Remo’s 35-year-old midfielder Ratinho had plenty of attention in April for his new haircut.

With several hexagon panels shaved into his head, Ratinho’s head created the illusion of an old-school, classic football.

Top 9 footballer haircuts of 2015 [Pictures]

9) Shia Lebouf
Whilst Holywood actor Shia Lebouf isn’t a footballer, his Roberto Baggio esque haircut in May of this year had to make the list.

The Transformers actor is a well known football fan, and we hope this latest hairdo was a dedication of some sorts to the Italian legend, otherwise we aren’t really sure what to make of it.

Top 9 footballer haircuts of 2015 [Pictures]

Credit: 101greatgoals


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