Goldstar Airlines to recruit Ghanaian cabin crew

Business News of Saturday, 2 January 2016

Source: Goldstar Airlines

Goldstar Airlines New PlaneGoldstar Airlines plane

Goldstar Airlines, a Ghanaian airline company will set in motion a recruitment exercise to recruit Ghanaians as cabin crew for its aircrafts.

The company as part of efforts to indigenize its airline operations will engage and rely on Ghanaians to man the aircraft which will touch down in no time.

Towards this end, the airline will roll out a scheme to invite applications from qualified Ghanaians to apply for the position of cabin crew to take care of the passengers on the aircraft in flight.

The objective of the airline is to promote and protect the interests of Ghanaians. In view of this, Goldstar Airlines, will roll out special programs tailored to the needs of the aviation and tourism sectors.

Again the company will deliver promptly on its promise of getting Ghanaians and other nationals to the destinations such as London-Gatwick, Baltimore-Washington and Guangzhou-China and connecting them to some of the West African countries with the view to promoting and building national network.

Goldstar Airlines is committed to working actively to promote national network and unity of purpose as a local host, will open up possibilities to get a feel of Ghanaian right from boarding the aircraft till when it will touch down at the designated destination.

The company’s pride and joy will be to empower and equip the Ghanaian to pursue economic ventures in the aviation and tourism sectors.

In a statement copied to Ghanaweb, the public relations officer, John Ashong-Mettle, indicated that the company will give credence to its mantra of indigenizing its operations.

Owing to this, the company is flying down a cream of experts to train those who will make the grade after the interviewing exercise to put them through their paces to learn the tricks of the trade.

He added that when the airline company gets off the ground it will rely on expatriates as the cockpit crew but will unfold a tailor-made course of study to be undertaken by some Ghanaians who will be sent abroad to train in order to get or have a handle on piloting the Boeing 767 series which Goldstar airlines will be using.

After the training, the trainees will do a period of apprenticeship with the expatriate pilots to get hands-on experience and knowledge in line with the company’s plan of replacing the foreign pilots with Ghanaians.” he stressed.

He also enumerated that the company is ready to respond to persistent call on individuals and corporate bodies to partner government in reducing and eliminating the unemployment canker in the country.