Ghanaian local players have become drunks due to frustration – Isaiah Ampong

Sports News of Saturday, 26 December 2015


Giam GosGhanaian gospel musician Great Ampong

Ghanaian gospel musician Great Ampong says talented local players have been forced into becoming drunks due to limited opportunities.

Complaints are rife over the lack of genuine quality on the domestic scene as compared to times past.

Clubs in Ghana are struggling to sustain themselves financially over the lowered level of patronage of games.

Most fans often accuse clubs of not retaining a few of their quality players over a period of time as they are always in the haste to sell these budding talents to raise money to administer the club.

But gospel musician, Great Ampong, real named Isiah Kwadwo Ampong who was a former footballer, feels clubs are not working hard enough to give opportunities to quality players in the hinterlands.

As a result, these disgruntled players have resorted to taking to the bottle in frustration.

“There are a lot of good players in Ghana. I see them all the time when I go to the villages but these players have been forces to be alcoholics due to frustration,” he told

“In times past, anyone who spots a good talent is able to inform club officials for them to give these players the opportunities but this convention is no more.

“Officials don’t give opportunities to such players anymore to give them no choice than to become drunkards.”

Great Ampong who used to be a religious visitor to the Baba Yara Stadium to watch Asante Kotoko play says he has had to give up on such practices since he is no more excited to watch local games.

“I used to go to the stadium a lot to watch my darling Kotoko play but there are no more talented players,” he added.

“We used to hear of talented players and that was what pushed us to the stadium to watch local matches but there are no more of such players.”