Man Utd striker Memphis Depay rubbishes Ryan Giggs reprimand story 'total nonsense'

Manchester United striker of Ghanaian descent Memphis Depay has rubbished reports that assistant manager Ryan Giggs reprimanded him for bad behaviour insisting the claims are “total nonsense.”

The 21-year-old joined the English giants in the summer but has struggled to grab a starting place in the United squad with his lifestyle blamed for his predicament.

His failure to find a regular place in Louis van Gaal’s team has led to reports that his love for the nightlife with parties and nightclubs have affected his form.

However, the Dutch international attacker says he has only visited the night club once since switching from PSV Eindhoven in the summer.

“The funny thing is, since I came to England, I’ve only been out one time. One time!,” Depay told Algemeen Dagblad.

“But recently I read that Ryan Giggs has accosted me about my reputation as a ‘party-boy’ and stuff. It’s total nonsense! Completely made up!”

He added: “Often I think: ‘Just let me do this. Let me wear the clothes I want to wear.’ Why is everyone making such a big deal out of that? What is this all about? Just let me. I’m also just a 21-year-old boy.

“Why should I adjust? Some people collect stamps; I like fashion, discovering nice new things. I feel good about doing that. If I were to put on what you wanted me to put on, I wouldn’t be myself anymore.”

Depay praised Manchester United legend Giggs last month for the role he has played in shaping up his career.

“I think every young player goes through things but I keep training and enjoy the training sessions,” Depay said.

“The stuff has stuck with me and Ryan Giggs has given me good advice and I’ve been working on some things with him.”

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