Crisis-hit Hearts owe coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi three months salary arrears, Japanese trainer commutes to training in a taxi

The financial situation at Hearts appears to be bleak after reports emerged coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi has not been paid his signing-on fees and three months salary since joining in September.

The crisis-hit club are struggling to pay his signing-on fee of $20,000 with his hotel bills unpaid.

The Japanese trainer has no official car to amplify the poor state of the former African champions.

Shockingly he commutes to training in a taxi in a shambolic and shameful episode which has tainted the image of the once African powerhouse.

The chips have fallen despite the continuous self-denial by top officials.

Yatshuhashi was appointed in September this year despite massive resistance from the club’s demanding supporters.

It’s been an extremely seven years of painful waiting for the Premier League crown as the club fans continue to suffer immense ridicule.

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