'More time needed to end the power crisis'

General News of Thursday, 24 December 2015

Source: peacefmonline

Kwabena Donkor New VgDr. Kwabena Donkor, Power Minister

Power Minister, Kwabena Donkor, has indicated that more time would be needed to fully end the power crisis even though he expressed confident that government would be able to meet the December 31st deadline after his vivid assurance made earlier this year.

The Minister says although government is working assiduously to meet the 31, December 2015 deadline, more time might be needed to deal completely with the issue.

The Power Minister made a promise some months ago, assuring to end the load shedding by the end of this year; “we would fix this problem and I have indicated come 1st January 2016, if there is still load shedding I will not sit in this chair, I would have failed and would sack myself before anyone sacks me.”

However, briefing Parliament’s Assurances Committee on progress made so far with regards to the power crisis, Dr Donkor said he still stands by his promise but a two-week extension into the New Year will help solve the situation entirely if things work according to plan.

He said, even though he had promised to end the load shedding, that would be when all the machines that supply power are working correctly without any deformities.

According to him, he is doing all the necessary underground works to stop load shedding in this country.