Sports Minister and Chinese ambassador to inspect new Cape Coast stadium

China AmbaChinese Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Sun Baohong

Sports Minister Dr. Mustapha Ahmed and the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Sun Baohong will inspect the newly constructed Cape Coast stadium on Christmas Eve Thursday.

This will pave way for the handing over of the 19,000 seater multi-sports complex on 31 January 2016.

The cost of the stadium has been valued at US$ 35 million and borne by the Chinese government.

It includes fully furnished 21 hostel rooms accommodating 2 persons in each room and separate halls for table tennis and boxing.

There are also two basketball courts, 1 handball court and 1 tennis court completed together with the football field and tartan tracks.

The Chinese government will do refurbishment works of the facility after five years in 2021.