Photos: Hardworking Mahama and the grassroots person

General News of Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Source: Maxwell Okamafo Addo

Mahama Shoe CampaignMahama helping a child with his footwear

President Mahama is counted amongst the most humble Presidents across the globe – a trustworthy and charismatic figurehead.

Hate him or love him, President John Mahama has proved himself as a selfless leader and not a ruler.

In Ghana today, he interacts with everyone he comes across with and shares ideas with them as a communication man with rapt attention, especially to the ordinary Ghanaian.

Many at times, Mahama has portrayed himself as a down-to-earth man despite being the most powerful man in Ghana.

Like his Predecessors, he has completely redefined the Presidency and changed the perception of people towards it. He takes time to interact and opens up for anyone irrespective of gender, age, religious and ethnic inclination, a move that has earned him respect across Ghana, Africa and the world.

As a man of many surprises, he always do the unthinkable- driving bulldozers and tractors and blending with locals and offers himself to be among them.

His gestures earn him respect across the globe with people from all over the world taking on social media to express their moving emotions, love and desire for Mahama because of his sense of humility.

John Dramani Mahama has said the focus of the 2016 campaign of the ruling government is to change lives and transform Ghana since his government has achieved their Better Ghana and Advancing Ghana promises made in 2008 and 2012 respectively. He explained that, under his stewardship, he is taking Ghana to a new level because they are changing lives and transforming Ghana come 2016.

As the leader of Ghana, President John Dramani Mahama unlike most world leaders has a social life not different from the average Ghanaian. Getting into the most powerful position in Ghana has not changed his lifestyle. He goes out to public places to interact with people, walks in normal attires, associates with people of all classes, especially children and takes photos with anyone.

Those who know President Mahama affirm he always was, as he is now- nothing having changed of him.

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