PHOTOS: Godfred Donsah's father illegal trip to Italy brings Bologna TV to Ghana

Gdons 1Serie A side Bologna have followed midfielder Godfred Donsah

Serie A side Bologna have followed midfielder Godfred Donsah to Ghana to document his life story which saw him grow up in poverty after his father left for Italy.

His father Kweku Takyi, who went to Italy as a Lampedusa immigrant in 2007, could not pay for food and school fees for Donsah and his three sisters.

He had to walk on the desert for seven days to Libya before joining a small boat with 21 others to the peninsula.

Donsah narrates the hardship he had to go through working in his father’s cocoa farm where his mother still works.

But football was the savior as he sent to Italy by agent Oliver Arthur after being discovered playing at a tournament in Accra.

Bologna have sent down a crew filming his side of the story, the family’s account and his father’s risk of leaving his children and wife for greener pastures through a dangerous route.