Ghana’s first mobile crowd-funding solution launched

Ghana’s first mobile crowd-funding solution- groupInns has recently been launched in Accra.

Speaking at the launch, Head of Business Center at groupInns, Miss Jessica Fleisher-Djoleto indicated, “with the groupInns platform, private individuals and public groups can finance their personal and charity projects, fundraising activities and events by simply dialing *718*30# or by downloading from the Google play store to start contributing funds towards their causes”.

This solution runs on Nsano Limited’s Fusion platform which allows payment from various electronic payment channels like Visa and Mastercard as well as mobile money.

Anyone can join an ‘Inn’ or group on groupInns but can only contribute through any mobile money wallet available in Ghana or through Visa or MasterCard and some partner banks.

In sub-Saharan Africa, where less than 24 % of the population has bank accounts, whilst more than 80% have a mobile phone, Miss Djoleto was optimistic that the innovative solution is going to change the face of group contributions and crowd-funding in Ghana.

Particularly for NGOs, charities and old students’ associations for whom collecting donations and dues can be stressful, groupInns is the solution that will facilitate their fundraising efforts to make the needed impact.

For families and groups of friends who want to take a trip sometime, buy something or just contribute towards that wedding or birthday gift, groupinns has been designed to make all of these efforts happen in the smartest, most convenient manner.

According to the developers of the mobile financial solution, the groupInns platform is flexible, easy to use and secure as well.

Public groups will need to submit their company registration documents for their groups to be authenticated with a stamp on the Android app which is currently available in the play store.

Guests at the launch were taken through the process of forming an ‘Inn’, inviting friends and contributing funds.