'Even the population of stingy people reduce during X'mas'

Entertainment of Monday, 21 December 2015

Source: Bigtriceonline.blogspot.com

Ebo Whyte UncleUncle Ebo Whyte

Christmas all over the world is accepted as the occasion that commemorate the birth of Christ and as well during the Christmas festivities, people tend to give a lot.

James Ebo Whyte affectionately known as Uncle Ebo Whyte has revealed that one thing that interest him most during Christmas is got to do with how stingy people even give out freely during the festivities. He made this known when he was a guest on GTV’s ‘This is life’ show.

When asked by the host whether we are losing the meaning of Christmas. He said, “We are not losing the meaning of Christmas, it’s only that stakeholders and everyone should rise to the task and make it more appealing and meaningful once again. He added, “Even the population of stingy people reduce during Christmas because they also tend to give out during the festivities.”

On how Christmas should be celebrated. He disclosed, “We have a different set of people, different needs, different circumstance and as well, depending on where you are found, celebration of Christ differs. We just have to try and go over the story of Christmas and reflect on it, how the spirit directs you to do, celebrate it that way”. He added.

Uncle Ebo’s annual festival of play is on this year as well starting from 27th to 3rd January.

27th– The smartest man alive, 28th– Women on fire, 1st – Bananas and groundnut, 2ndPuppeteers, and the final play on the 3rd January with Forbidden.