Stop brainwashing our manager – Keche

Music of Friday, 18 December 2015


Keche BrainwashKeche

The alarming rate at which anonymous people are calling and warning current manager of the Keche music duo, George Britton, against Keche, has prompted the duo to reveal the real cause of their break up with former label, Spyder Lee Entertainment.

According to the Aluguintuguin hitmakers, many people have warned and advised their current manager to dissociate himself from the Hiplife duo, because it has been alleged that, they are used to dumping their managers when they make a tremendous breakthrough in the music industry.

These amongst several other hoaxes surrounding their brand have suddenly pushed the group to publicly disclose what really ensued between themselves and their former record label known as Spyder Lee Entertainment.

“Our break up with Spyder Lee Entertainment after a 3-year period was based on a mutual agreement. There is no doubt about the great support we had from Spyder Lee but, many other unfolding monetary issues we couldn’t conform to led to our exit from the label. We didn’t leave because we feel we have come of age,” they revealed.

Keche further disclosed how they deposited their large sums of money gotten from shows to Spyder Lee Entertainment for the payment of an undisclosed debt they were said to owe the C.E.O of the label.

On the 6th January 2015, the music duo received a letter from Spyder Lee Entertainment which prohibited Keche from performing any of the songs they recorded under the management of Spyder Lee.

“The letter stated that Keche would be sued if they performed those songs. We didn’t come public with this letter because we did not want people to think we wanted attention or promotion by then. We gave the letter to Keche’s lawyer and he gave us the go ahead to perform any of the songs being prohibited by the former label, because Keche did not sign any contract to wave their ownership rights to Spyder Lee Entertainment,” George Britton added.

Born Andrew Cudjoe and Joshua Ampah respectively, the two are worried their current manager, George Britton, whom they cherish so much, might at some point in time consider the never-ending warnings against them and finally give up on managing them.

They are therefore hoping their little disclosure about what caused their break up with Spyder Lee Entertainment will debunk rumors that they are ungrateful artistes and deter those anonymous callers from polluting their current manager’s mind.