Police Service deny reports of Seniors sanctioning extortion

General News of Saturday, 19 December 2015

Source: Ultimate1069.com

Supt Cephas Arthur Cephas Arthur, Police PRO

Policemen have disclosed that they share their booty collected from drivers and motorists with their Senior Officers.

A tape circulating on social media indicates some junior police officers revealing that they share proceeds of their ‘bribes’ with some senior officers.

The policemen intimated that they were forced to extort monies from drivers on a daily basis.

‘The monies collected are given to our superiors, if we refuse to make enough monies, they threaten to sack us, our colleague investigators are also instructed to collect monies from complainants, refusal will tantamount to punishment. Please don’t mention my name. They will even hate you if you don’t meet their target. It’s not our wish to be in the sun collecting monies from drivers,’ they revealed.

However, speaking to Ultimate news, the Director of Police Public Affairs, Superintendent Cephas Arthur debunked allegations that senior officers sanction junior ones when they fail to collect monies from drivers.

Cephas Arthur argues there are enough measures in the police service to protect subordinates who are coerced into complying with unlawful orders.

He expressed worry that some of his senior officers are fingered in such corrupt activities.

‘We don’t condone such practices in the service; I will be surprised if any senior officer can assign junior officers to collect monies from drivers,’ he said.

He admitted that there were some police officers who act unprofessionally.

‘We have human beings in the service, but we may have one or two crooked police officers who may do things unprofessionally but it doesn’t represent the entire service, not to over generalised the situation if there is even a single truth of such nature,’ he said.

He indicated that junior officers who are victimised for refusing unprofessional orders should report to the service for redress.

‘We have something in the service called unlawful orders, even in extreme cases where anybody can lay claim that his superior has assigned him/her to do something which is not within the rules and regulations of the service, the person has the right not to carry out the order. And if you refuse to carry such orders, you can defend yourself and if anybody victimises you have the police administration coming to your aid,’ he stated.