Ibrahim Mahama has benefited from Gov't contracts – Kennedy Agyepong

Politics of Saturday, 19 December 2015

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Kennedy Agyapong Npp MpKennedy Ohene Agyapong

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin North in the Central Region, Kennedy Agyepong has stated categorically that the President’s brother, Ibrahim Mahama can never call his bluff.

‘I don’t think Ibrahim will get the balls to say that I should stop my nonsense on airwaves, it’s not true,’ he fumed.

According to him, Ibrahim cannot describe his radio and TV discourse as unsavoury as perceived by a portion of Ghanaians.

It was reported that the President’s brother mentioned on Okay Fm that the MP calls him on phone to render apologies anytime he criticises the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government on radio and television.

Ibrahim said the MP apologises, giving excuses that his unprintable comments against him and NDC are all about political gimmicks, which should not be taken serious.

Speaking on Nhyira fm, Kennedy Agyepong who expressed shock over Ibrahim’s comments said he does not have the latter’s mobile number to even communicate with him.

‘Did Ibrahim really say this on radio, are you sure he said this, I don’t even have Ibrahim’s number. It’s rather my wife who is the best friend of Ibrahim, due to the criticisms I have been throwing at him and his brother, he is at loggerheads with her and thus has stopped buying from my wife,’ he asserted.

The Assin North MP who further distanced himself from the President’s brother, indicated that the first encounter with the latter was at the Kotoka International Airport.

‘The first time I met him was at the Airport, he approached me and said he has been listening to my comments on radio and when I lashed out at them, they sit up. I told him that I criticise him because I want him to do the right thing, I swear by my God,’ the livid MP stated.

According to him, his second encounter was at Asempa FM where they argued over the contract of Odaw River dredging at Circle-Accra which was done by Engineers and Planners (E& P), the construction firm owned by Ibrahim.

‘The second time we met at Asempa FM I raised the Odaw-river dredging he did, and he told me that he was not paid any money, and I pointed to him that it wasn’t true. I further urged him to always do the right thing that will cover him and his brother. I also told him to go through the right process when he is seeking contracts. So how would he say that after criticising him, I turn round to apologise to him on phone, or call him before going on air,’ he asked.

He alleged that it took Mr. Mahama two hours to influence the recent public uproar on the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) tariffs increase.

He claimed that the President’s brother has benefitted immensely from government contracts.

‘It’s not true that he has not benefited from government contracts to execute projects, tell that to the dogs. Is the Odaw River dredging not a contract, he claims he did it for free, how is it possible for him to pay his staff, and repair his machines, hell no. I don’t fear anybody, will not tone down on my comments, in 2016 I will release missiles of information on government,’ he warned.