GFA hailed for rewarding retired footballers

Sports News of Saturday, 19 December 2015


Kwesi Nyantakyi MicGFA Chief – Kwesi Nyantakyi

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has been hailed for the decision to set up an endowment fund to cater for retired footballers in the country.

One of Uganda biggest sports news outfits Kawowo Sports hailed the GFA on Saturday for the decision to launch the fund to cater for the needs of retired footballers in Ghana many of who are living in poverty.

This is the first of its kind in Africa where several players who served their countries in the past earned only praises for their work but have been left to their own fate since retiring.

The tales of retired footballers going through extreme difficulty to fend for themselves since retiring from the game is well documented in Africa.

The GFA has stolen the march on its colleagues on the continent by announcing that on Monday it will launch the Board of Trustees for the Retired Footballers Endowment Fund.

The fund will be officially launched on Monday in Accra with top men from the Ghanaian business community and academia brought in to help raise funds for the former players.

In Ghana, the national football governing body, Ghana Football Association (GFA) has passed the establishment of the Retired Footballers Endowment Fund in a move initiated by the Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi.

“Kwesi is at the helm of the establishment of the Retired Footballers Endowment fund and will introduce members of the Board of Trustees,” a statement on the official Ghana FA website said.

The newly formed Board of Trustees have been tasked to oversee the raising of funds and also manage the funds to cater for retired footballers.

A Representative of the Retired Footballers Association is expected to deliver a statement on behalf of the ex-national stars at the event.

In Uganda, a football club Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) F.C started initiated the players’ boda boda (motor-cycle) fund and most of the playing staff appreciated the offer.

Now that Ghana has led the way, will the rest of the African countries follow suit in Ghana’s footpaths?